Good Milkshake on the Air

Occasionally, we take our milkshakes to go. I'll post them as they pop up here. 

Insight on Business - The News Hour

Every Tuesday, Phil James is a guest on Insight on Business - The News Hour with Michael Libbie. It's the only daily broadcast Radio show dedicated to business in the Midwest. It's on the air in Central Iowa on AM 940 at 5pm CT, Mon-Fri. Below you can find a link to the most recent episodes. 

January 29, 2018 -- The Content Boatload. How companies and individuals can create massive amounts of content without much effort or time commitment. Read more here.


January 22, 2018 -- Amazon owns everything and Facebook wants to play nice. A conversation about Amazon's dip into health care and Facebook's algorithm changes. Read more here. 


Occasionally, we'll do five minute segments on the Anchor app. Listen in for some free nuggets to jazz up your digital content.