I'm only sharing this because I love you. And because I care. And because you're handsome and kind.

These graphs are from this past Sunday night. Three different Des Moines-area restaurants. $15 total spend on Snapchat Geofilters. That's #hot, right? No? Okay, bear with me.

41 people used the filter & it reached ~1800 people. This rivals Facebook ad reach for a similarly priced ad, but I'd argue the value here is 3x as great for Snapchat as long as the majority on the receiving end of the snap are local.

For one, people are engaging with the brand while they're in the establishment. Next, they're telling their friends you're cool with them. The value of getting a snap from a good friend endorsing a restaurant is tough to measure, though all things being equal, I'd wager that 9 out of 10 business owners would prefer this to even the prettiest Facebook ad.

The main difference here is that in your analytics/insights, Facebook can break down demographics (age, gender, location, etc). With Snap, you're at the mercy of a user's social reach. The Snapchat user could be reaching people all across the world for all we know depending on the user. From what I've read, Snapchat doesn't have plans to add demographics info to its metrics, though I'll promise you that if Snapchat were able to somehow direct those filters to more local users, I'd probably marry the app.

Oh and I'd share the filter, but the client asked me not to share it. Anyway, get yourself some good creative person to make you a Geofilter and get moving.