Restaurant Marketing Dive In

Wanna know how to get customers for your restaurant?

Dive in.

1) Tell your story. 
2) Make it pretty. 
3) Tell it again.

Your kitchen, your front of the house, your ingredients, etc... ALL of them have a story. Whatever medium you fee most comfortable in: audio, photo, video, etc., just document it.

We live in a time in which there's so much ridiculous information and crap content. Here's an idea. Just be real in front of the camera or on a blog or in a photo. You all have fun. You all have a story. And there's always somebody who wants to hear what you have to say.

Not everything has to be Disneyland. Hire a 17 year old kid to follow you around the kitchen and front of the house this summer. You don't need to be a supermodel or a professional photographer. You just need to be real and tell people what time it is.

The water's fine.

Dive in.