As we've established on this page, Facebook ads are currently the single greatest dollar that you can spend on marketing if you're a restaurant. Well, I'd argue that there's nothing better that you can spend your money on almost anywhere. 

So why are you still advertising like it's 2009?

They're ads that don't show up on the page timeline, but only in the timelines of those you target with the ads. So they're "dark" to the public. Pretty easy to do, just spend a few minutes on YouTube to research them. 

"Cohorts" are fancy names for groups. For example, I have a client who has a cigar smoking room in their bar. For those ads, I have a few different cohorts. First are cigar smoking men age 25-35, different ad for 35-55, etc. Then golf playing women who drink alcohol age 25-35, 35-55, etc. Then single men who drink Guinness/single malt scotch, single women on Snapchat, African American men who drive fancy cars within 5 miles, etc. For each, I use a similar image adjusted for demographics, but the ad copy is aimed at the different cohorts. 

Test, then retest and retest until you have a solid 8,000 person list that you can hammer for a month or so to go along with your 5-10,000 person "Voltron List." Then repeat the cycle the next month, and the next eliminating the worst performing ads and testing out new groups. And so on...

Doing this will make your clients happy and will allow you to charge more once they feel the difference.